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Are Women’s Rights Different?

WHAT ARE HUMAN RIGHTS? Human rights apply to everyone. If they did not apply to particular groups, whether because of race or religion or gender, they would not be ‘human’. To unfairly give one group in society more rights than another gives that group more power- more access to food

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Household Chores are Just as Important as Paid Work

Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for helping to end Liberia’s civil war. However, when she was invited to speak at a Gates Foundation event in 2017, she didn’t talk about that. Instead, she talked about a meeting she had once had with a group

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Ethiopia’s march to gender parity

Under recently elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia has reached several significant milestones in gender equality in politics. Half of Mr Abiy’s 20-person cabinet are women. In October Ethiopia’s parliament unanimously voted for Sahle-Work Zewede to replace Mulatu Teshome as President. Finally, Meaza Ashenafi was appointed as Ethiopia’s first female

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