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e-Health Startups

In 2020, the African technology start-up sector had a record-breaking year of funding. 397 startups raised over US $700m in capital, a growth of 42.7% in total funding. These numbers represent impressive growth from 2019, even with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt have

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Rhino Horn: The Illegal Trade Route from South Africa to Vietnam

RHINO HORN: THE ILLEGAL TRADE ROUTE FROM SOUTH AFRICA TO VIETNAM There are 20,000 white rhinos in Africa today; they are classified as “near threatened”. While this statistic alone is shocking, black rhinos (who have smaller mouths than white rhinos) are classed as “critically endangered”. Only 5,000 of them remain.

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Is Food and Drink the Key to Future Economic Growth in South Africa?

’s food and beverage market is the most refined and advanced in the African continent, ideally placed to see a great increase in investment opportunities for investors both inside and outside Africa. There are many reasons why there is an estimated 4% to 7% increase expected in the sector by

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