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Adolescent watching movie on a tablet

The Exposure of pornography among adolescent individuals in South Africa

Introduction In the last three decades, there has been a massive increase in the number of young people who access pornography platforms. Different platforms display pornography images or videos, including magazines, internet websites, and DVD videos. Internet websites are the highly visited platform for pornography among the young in South

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South Africa Human Right Day

Human Rights Day

Introduction In terms of the Bill of Rights, which is regarded as the cornerstone of our constitution, every human being in the Democratic Republic of South Africa is entitled to equal human rights and may not be subjugated to oppression, abuse or discrimination, which is a violation of their rights.

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INTRODUCTION  The significance of music, sounds, and dance in South African culture played a significant role in society’s celebrations, communication, and the expression of identity. South African music incorporates dancing and musical elements that depict their feelings and way of life. This musical genre promotes African beliefs through many rituals

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Financialization and neo-liberal policies: A recipe for the high unemployment rate in South Africa

INTRODUCTION  Despite South Africa being the largest or most economically dominant country in the continent, it is also the country most affected by triple challenges, namely unemployment, poverty, and inequality. These triple challenges are the legacy of apartheid and financialization, which has also played a pivotal role in deteriorating the

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Christmas in South Africa

The culture around Christmas celebrations in South Africa

Introduction Christmas is a well-populated holiday that orthodox churches throughout the geographical scale of South Africa celebrate. It can be contended that Christmas celebration culture is synonymous internationally. The culture of gift-giving and family gatherings are the main mandates for Christmas celebrations. Christmas in South Africa A notable difference in

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South Africa township immigration

The remnants of geographical spatial apartheid in South Africa’s modern-day context

Introduction  The historical occurrences of a state are the most crucial determining factors of its progression. Post-1994, South Africa remains one of the unequal states economically and socially. Unfortunately, this had dire effects to a larger extent on persons who had been deemed as inferior to their white counterparts historically.

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