African Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Major Player in the Global Economy

Introduction Africa, a booming continent, plays an important role in the global economy. Among the factors contributing to this growth is emerging entrepreneurship across the continent. African entrepreneurs demonstrate remarkable resilience and creativity, turning challenges into opportunities and driving development. This article highlights Africa’s key role in the global economy

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Modern technology in eduucation

The Role of Modern Technology in Education

Introduction With the increasing advancement of technology in recent years, it has become necessary to integrate education with technology to enhance the learning experience and explore new ways of teaching to improve the curriculum. Technology plays a significant role in facilitating the growth and accessibility of education, utilizing various online

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Classroom in Africa

Setbacks in attaining quality education in the City of Bafoussam, Cameroon

Introduction The right to education has been hailed as mankind’s most precious possession in the twenty-first century. As per Article thirteen of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (January 3, 1976), it is the responsibility of the State to recognize and ensure the implementation of the right

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Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences: A More Realistic Understanding of Intelligence

Introduction: For years, intelligence has been narrowly defined as excelling academically. However, traditional education often focuses on only three types of intelligence: logical-mathematical, linguistic, and visual-spatial. While this perspective may benefit students inclined towards these fields, it can lead to frustration and insecurity for others. This is why the concept

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Education- Good governance


Introduction Genuine education liberates man from the dungeon of his own muddle-headedness. It should lead man to “self-examination, self-evaluation and eventual self-knowledge.” The purpose of education is two-fold: intellectual and moral. A careful observation of today’s African society reveals a lot of intellectual and moral inadequacy. This is characterised, inter

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