Working in an International Company

Benefits Associated with Working for an international company

INTRODUCTION  Although it may be daunting to work in an environment different from what you know and may be comfortable with, we all learn a lot from stepping outside of our comfort zones.  Benefits of working for an international company Working for an international company allows employees to be trained

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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing: The Future of Business

The ‘dot com’ era (technological period) continues to take over almost every aspect of life, from education, health, industry, and entertainment to business. Digital marketing is one of those new prospects brought about by the ‘dot com’ era. Like any other business, schools have taken advantage of digital marketing to

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Quality Education


In February 2020, Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports introduced a new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). After years of critique about Uganda’s education system, Pandora’s box was opened. The CBC focuses on enabling learners to graduate with the skills and competencies needed in today’s society. Furthermore, the CBC targeted aiding in

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