Our Mission

Right for Education’s mission is to connect people with each other and the ideas that drive change across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our network provides the resources for self-empowerment through knowledge and discussion.

Right for Education is Africa’s largest dedicated online educational resource. By combining a wealth of cultural and practical articles, we shine a light on life across Africa – past, present and future – and provide our community with the tools to make that future for themselves.

Our Aim

Our aim is to reach as many people as possible, so we take great care to identify the digital channels and technologies that will achieve this goal.

Our Content

Our content covers a range of subjects from an Afrocentric perspective. Whether you’re looking for information on business, technology, finance, news, history, law, governance or any other part of life in Africa, Right for Education has something for you.

Right for Education’s affiliated Facebook page, Right for Education Africa, has nearly 7 million followers in 45 countries, predominantly aged between 18-25.

Our audience has grown to over

6 Million people

In over

45 countries

Of which

99% Are Based in Africa

Of them, 52% are aged 18-24, a generation making significant changes to their communities and the world around them. On a daily basis we reach hundreds of thousands of people with our materials and content.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of members with different personalities, cultures and experiences. A strong commitment and a passion for social impact and effecting positive change is what has brought us together. We combine all our skills and knowledge to come up with new and creative ways of connecting with our audience and instigating positive social change across the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Working together with an ever expanding community of dedicated individuals who donate their time and knowledge, we can make sure that systematic and sustainable change is possible.