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Why Creative Education Is Important

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CREATIVE AND ACADEMIC EDUCATION: Academic education involves the studying of certain subjects which are more analytical. For example, in Zambia the most common academic subjects studied are mathematics, environmental science and Zambian languages. Creative education is a way of teaching children to think independently and to use

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What is breast ironing and what are its consequences?

WHAT IS BREAST IRONING? Breast ironing, also known as breast flattening, is a process that involves pounding or beating a young girl’s breast using hard or hot objects. Breast ironing usually begins with the onset of puberty. It is done to prevent, or reverse breast growth. The United Nations (UN)

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Encouraging Girls to Love their Darker Skin

The dangers of skin bleaching are being discussed more and more. Ghana banned sales of products containing a chemical called hydroquinone in 2016. This is because skin lightening products have been linked to blood, liver and kidney cancer. Yet the industry is estimated to be worth 4.8 billion US dollars.

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The Psychological Impact of Leaving Home

Migration means moving from one place to another. To migrate can mean moving from an urban area to a rural area (from the city to the countryside). However, typically migration refers to the phenomenon of moving country. Between 2000-2017 around 25 million people from sub-Saharan Africa left their countries of

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How can Disagreement be Positive?

Confrontation can feel like an attack on the things we believe in. Disagreement often surrounds the ideas that we find the most important, so challenges can feel particularly personal. Finding a ‘middle way’ to resolve issues provides a method of dealing with situations in which not everybody agrees. This ability

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