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In Conversation with: Giles Peppiatt, Director of Modern and Contemporary African art at Bonhams

My name is Giles Peppiatt, and I am Director of Modern and Contemporary African art at Bonhams. I started the sales at Bonhams about 15 years ago. And at the time, we were the first people to hold sales of modern contemporary African art on the international market. And it’s been an extraordinary ride.

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Why Creative Education Is Important

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CREATIVE AND ACADEMIC EDUCATION: Academic education involves the studying of certain subjects which are more analytical. For example, in Zambia the most common academic subjects studied are mathematics, environmental science and Zambian languages. Creative education is a way of teaching children to think independently and to use

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Learning something from everyone

The most important thing to take from this article is that everyone has something valuable to teach us. However, information comes in many different forms and requires different approaches to process. It is up to us to take the information we are given and to apply it to our own

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