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Interview with Dr. Ucheoma Udoha, founder of CrispVision

Dr. Ucheoma Udoha is a Nigerian doctor. She is passionate about ending preventable blindness, by providing eyecare solutions to people in underserved communities. That’s why she launched CrispVision. Right for Education met Ucheoma at WISH, where she was nominated as a WISH Young Innovator 2018, and was presenting CrispVision’s new

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Interview with Dr. Andrew Bastawrous, the co-founder and CEO of Peek Vision

Andrew Bastawrous is the cofounder and CEO of Peek Vision. He is an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), and Associate Professor in International Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. We spoke to him about his work, his inspiration, and the future of Peek Vision. Tell us about

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