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Plastic Pollution


Introduction Scientifically called polymers, plastics of which there are two main families, (thermosets and thermoplastics) are the cause of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is the destruction or degradation of ecosystems and natural habitats by introducing plastic elements.  The current state of plastic pollution Since 1950, more than 9 billion tons

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Ethiopia Green Legacy Initiative

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative-Planting a Sustainable Future

Introduction Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative is one of the most ambitious environmental restoration programs in the world. The initiative, launched in 2019 by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, aims to plant 20 billion trees across the country and plant 25 million seedlings by the end of 2022. This initiative is part

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The Importance of Biodiversity and Solutions to Address the Crisis

Introduction Biodiversity, also known as biological diversity, encompasses all living beings and the ecosystems they inhabit. Coined in 1985, the term is celebrated globally on May 22nd as World Biodiversity Day. Biodiversity encompasses ecosystem diversity, genetic diversity, and species diversity, with over 1.8 million identified and named species and many

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Producing Hydroelectricity: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

What is hydroelectricity? According to the National Geographic Society, hydroelectricity is ‘a form of renewable energy that uses the power of moving water to generate electricity. Producing hydroelectricity usually involves a reservoir of water. Reservoirs are often created using a dam to control water flow as it moves downhill. The

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Plastic Waste in South Africa: Economic Opportunity or Environmental Catastrophe ?

Introduction South Africa recently announced that it intends to import more plastic waste. Some countries choose to import plastic waste because they are paid to do so. Also, the waste can be recycled and put to good use. However, when this doesn’t happen plastic waste can cause significant environmental damage.

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