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The Pipeline of Broken Promises: Works on the East Africa Pipeline continue

INTRODUCTION With a projected cost of $3.55 billion and climbing, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline will be the longest electrically heated pipeline in the world. Though the works will provide jobs across the project’s route, the impacts on local communities, species and livelihoods continue to be devastating. Locals have

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Two Men Arrested For Flogging Of An Effigy Of Uganda’s President: What Does This Reveal About Ugandan Politics?

Introduction – What Happened?    On Monday (15/2/21) Ugandan police arrested two men who had flogged an effigy of President Yoweri Museveni on a busy road in Kampala. An effigy is a sculpture or model of a person.    The two men who were arrested are called Luta Ferdinand Male

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Interview with Kemiyondo Coutinho: writer, director, actress

Kemiyondo Coutinho is a highly regarded actress, writer, producer and director from Uganda. She has been performing from the age of 17, receiving multiple awards including OKAYAfrica100 Women of Africa and Forbes 30 under 30. Her latest venture, A Ka Dope, highlights new voices in Ugandan music. R:Ed met Kemiyondo

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