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Abortion Debate

Navigating the Abortion Debate: An Exploration of Perspectives and Implications

Introduction The issue of abortion has been a subject of intense debate, polarizing societies and sparking passionate arguments from both supporters and opponents. This article aims to delve into the complexities of the abortion debate, shedding light on the major arguments made by each side and exploring the diverse legal,

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African Union


What is Agenda 2063? Set out by the African Union, Agenda 2063 is the ‘blueprint’ for transforming Africa in the next fifty years. The proposed set of initiatives has Pan-Africanism at its core and is in line with the UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals. The 7 Aspirations in Agenda

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Media Law Reform in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been moving closer towards changing media laws as part of wider structural reform in country. How are Laws Changed? A bill (proposed legislation under consideration) does not come into law until it is passed. Three bills are set to replace the existing Access to Information and Protection of

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What Has The African Union Done For You? Pt II; Rights

WHICH RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED? The ‘African Charter on Human and People’s Rights’ (1981) recognises many civil and political rights, including: – The right to freedom from discrimination – The right to life – The right to freedom from slavery – The right to freedom from mistreatment – The right to

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Ethiopia’s Garment Factory Workers: the Worst Paid in the World 

Workers in Ethiopia’s clothes factories earn $26 a month, the worst paid in the world. That is according to a recent report by New York University Stern Centre for Business and Human Rights. The report is based on the Hawassa Industrial Park, Ethiopia’s flagship industrial park supported by the government.

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