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Ethiopia’s Garment Factory Workers: the Worst Paid in the World 

Workers in Ethiopia’s clothes factories earn $26 a month, the worst paid in the world. That is according to a recent report by New York University Stern Centre for Business and Human Rights. The report is based on the Hawassa Industrial Park, Ethiopia’s flagship industrial park supported by the government.

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Ethiopia’s Open Door Refugee Policy

As of May 2018, Ethiopia hosts the second largest refugee population in Africa. With over 920,262 registered refugees and asylum seekers, mostly from South Sudan and Somalia. This is because the Ethiopian government grants almost automatic recognition to the majority of asylum seekers from neighbouring countries. WHY DID ETHIOPIA CHOOSE

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Ethiopia’s march to gender parity

Under recently elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia has reached several significant milestones in gender equality in politics. Half of Mr Abiy’s 20-person cabinet are women. In October Ethiopia’s parliament unanimously voted for Sahle-Work Zewede to replace Mulatu Teshome as President. Finally, Meaza Ashenafi was appointed as Ethiopia’s first female

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