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Hugely popular throughout Western and Central Africa, Jollof rice is a vibrant red or orange dish that represents both celebration and competition. But several countries claim to have the best version of this dish, causing friendly debate throughout West African communities at home and abroad. Here, I will look at

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INTRODUCTION  Agriculture is taking different procedures from the traditional to a more modernized system over the globe. Agriculture employs over 60% of Ghana labour force which demands that it must be abreast with increasing and current technology to make use of the limited resources such as land, water and nutrients.

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Is Food and Drink the Key to Future Economic Growth in South Africa?

’s food and beverage market is the most refined and advanced in the African continent, ideally placed to see a great increase in investment opportunities for investors both inside and outside Africa. There are many reasons why there is an estimated 4% to 7% increase expected in the sector by

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Tupuca: the exciting developments of Angola’s first food delivery service

Delivery apps are becoming more prominent in Africa and are an important way of reducing time spent shopping for foods and other essential goods. One such example is Tupuca; Angola’s first delivery app. Tupuca has expanded to include goods such as coal and livestock, and is currently working with Roque

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