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water masquerade staff

The Water Masquerade staff and its significance to the people of Urhobos

Introduction: The Water Masquerade Staff is a sacred staff of the Urhobos, a tribe in the northwestern Niger Delta of Nigeria. The Urhobos are mainly fishermen who strongly believe in water spirits (Edjo). Description:  The Water Masquerade Staff is a three- to five-foot-long wooden staff in which a regal woman

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The Head Of The Great Bieri

WHAT IS BIERI? In the , wooden sculptures are made for the cult (a group of people who all believe deeply in the same thing, person, or ideal) worshipping ancestors, called the Bieri. These sculptures look like human people. The Fang tribe is from Gabon, which is on the coast

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Living Voices: Saving Africa’s endangered languages

A language is endangered when there is a risk of it falling out of use. This happens when speakers die or lose fluency in favour of speaking another language. Endangered languages can become ‘dead’ when there are no more native speakers, or ‘extinct’ when nobody can speak the language at

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The African Union is Building a Real-Life Wakanda

THE AFRICAN UNION IS BUILDING A REAL-LIFE WAKANDA The has announced a monumental, multi-billion dollar initiative: to create a real-life . Zimbabwe and Zambia have offered 2,000 and 132 hectares of land respectively around the Victoria Falls area to the AU for the first South African Development Community (SADC) project,

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