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African Emancipation

African emancipation

Introduction By emancipating oneself, the individual is declaring themselves as liberators. This allows the individual to regain their power and identity, which was previously taken away from them. For the longest time, emancipation in Africa meant freedom from colonial rule. A multidimensional understanding of emancipation in Africa requires an understanding

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A Gentleman Voting

Vote Bartering: The Right To Vote

Vote buying or bartering is a significant threat to democracy, elections, and good governance. It interferes with the political right to vote envisioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. In parts of the world, it is enshrined in most countries’ constitutions that a citizen who attained the

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Quality Education


In February 2020, Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports introduced a new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). After years of critique about Uganda’s education system, Pandora’s box was opened. The CBC focuses on enabling learners to graduate with the skills and competencies needed in today’s society. Furthermore, the CBC targeted aiding in

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South African Borders as the Hotspot for Corruption

South African borders are emerging as hotspots for severe crimes and atrocities. This practice is more prevalent on the border between South Africa and Mozambique in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. Patterns of cross-border corruption and criminal activities affect the local communities in many ways. The government has made remarkable strides to address

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