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The contribution of sport to development and peace: the case of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) in Africa

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace since 2013. It is observed on this day every year. The day inevitably brings its attention to Africa, the continent where international sporting events predominate. On this day, the focus is

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Introduction Our contemporary African society is marked by so many problems just as other worlds are facing. The current issues of concern include: violence, wars, inflation, unemployment, and many others. Some of these problems are attributed to the kind of leaders we have. Chinua Achebe, the great Nigerian novelist, was

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Load shedding

The Persistent Reality of Load-Shedding: How South Africa’s Energy Crisis is Impacting Businesses, Health Care, and Citizens

Introduction  Recent developments from Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned entity, have realised that load-shedding will likely be a semi-permanent reality for the next two years. This has left many South Africans questioning whether this energy crisis will ever end. Load-shedding, a crisis that affects many sub-Saharan countries, has been a persistent

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A Gentleman Voting

Evolution of the African Voter

Introduction Politics in African power structures existed way before the entry of western civilization into the continent. However, concepts such as democracy and elective politics began either during or after colonialism. During the colonial era, participation in the voting process was a privilege of a selected few. 1957 became pivotal

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South Africa township immigration

The remnants of geographical spatial apartheid in South Africa’s modern-day context

Introduction  The historical occurrences of a state are the most crucial determining factors of its progression. Post-1994, South Africa remains one of the unequal states economically and socially. Unfortunately, this had dire effects to a larger extent on persons who had been deemed as inferior to their white counterparts historically.

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