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Sudan’s Political Crisis

WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING IN SUDAN? Recently, there have been anti-government demonstrations across Sudan. Protests began in the north-eastern city of Atbara on December 19th 2018. Since then, the protests have spread to Khartoum (the capital) and across the country. So far, hundreds of protesters, journalists, activists and opposition leaders

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Madagascar’s Presidential Elections And What They Mean For Democracy in Africa

The Madagascan presidential elections have been surrounded with controversy, mainly due to financial issues, gender inequality and claims of corruption. Presidential elections themselves are significant in helping to create a stable democracy, which surveys show many African citizens would prefer over other political alternatives. There are parallels between the problems

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Accountability: the far-reaching impact of corruption

One in five people in Africa have paid bribes to access medical services or to obtain documentation. Widespread corruption creates a culture of impunity, meaning that officials consider themselves above the law. Without a culture of accountability, there can be no progress in human rights. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW A

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