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David Miliband on the International Rescue Committee and Malnutrition: ‘The biggest problem is the idea that we can’t conquer it.’

David Milliband is the CEO of the International Rescue Committee, which is a humanitarian organisation that helps people affected by conflict, war, and natural disasters. Before that, he was the UK Foreign Secretary. Right For Education met David Miliband at the World Innovation Summit for Health last year, where he

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In Memory Of Zura Karuhimbi: A Rwandan Hero

was a Rwandan woman who saved more than 150 people throughout the Rwandan genocide. Amidst the violence, she was a selfless hero. Karuhimbi was born around 1925 to a Hutu family of traditional healers. She lived in the village of Musamo in the Ruhango District, where she is now respected

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Transitional Justice: From Chaos To Order

A country emerging from a period of conflict must face the consequences of widespread or systematic human rights abuses. The ordinary justice system will often not be able to cope. Transitional justice steps in so that appropriate remedies can be found. In order to achieve this institutional reform is usually

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