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Munira Anyonge (Kenyan Programme Director for TNC)

R:Ed In Conversation with Kenya Programme Director, for the TNC, Munira Anyonge

Munira Anyonge is the Kenya Programme Director for the Nature Conservancy (TNC). She works to protect the environment in economically viable and sustainable ways, ensuring that local communities and wildlife co-exist harmoniously, while preserving cultural values. R:Ed: Could you tell me about wildlife conservation and management in Kenya? In Kenya,

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The Helpful Opportunities of Bee-Keeping

Bee keeping is an economically and environmentally sustainable business. Not only is it profitable, but it also protects people, animals, plants and the bees themselves. HOW BEES BENEFIT PEOPLE Beeswax (used for cosmetics) and honey (used for food) are profitable trades. The value of the honey trade is estimated to

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