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Why Creative Education Is Important

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CREATIVE AND ACADEMIC EDUCATION: Academic education involves the studying of certain subjects which are more analytical. For example, in Zambia the most common academic subjects studied are mathematics, environmental science and Zambian languages. Creative education is a way of teaching children to think independently and to use

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Why Is The Sky Blue?

INTRODUCTON A bright blue sky is universally associated with a sunny, cloudless day. This brilliant colour is the result of the interesting way the sunlight interacts with the Earth’s [wiki]atmosphere[/wiki]. DIFFERENT COLOURS OF LIGHT Most light sources, like the sun, give off ‘white light’. However, this light is in fact

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What We Can Learn From Rwanda About Gender Equality

  Gender inequality is a worldwide issue. It is important to understand where countries in [wiki]Sub-Saharan Africa[/wiki] rank compared to other countries around the world. One useful resource for this is the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ done by the World Economic Forum. In 2018, two Sub-Saharan countries ranked in the

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