Human Rights

The Importance of Social, Economic and Cultural Rights

Social, economic and cultural rights are all forms of human rights. These rights focus on the social and economic standards needed in a society to give people a comfortable existence. These rights are protected by international instruments and countries have to try and maximize the implementation of these rights. ENSURING

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Child marriage: How it harms our society

Marriage is an important institution of a society. Marriage is important as it forms a family. A husband and wife share a physical and emotional relationship. A man and a woman get together to form a relationship that is driven by trust and respect. It is a relationship that requires

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What is Human Trafficking and what to watch out for?

Human trafficking is when a person is exploited by someone for a gain. It includes prostitution, forced labour, slavery, removal of organs, becoming a child bride or a child soldier. Human trafficking happens in every country across the world and is especially bad in Africa. THE CAUSES OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING

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