Human Rights

Can Shackling Someone Help Solve Their Mental Health Problems? (Ghana)

In Ghana, people suffering from mental health problems have historically been sent to prayer camps as a method of treatment. In these prayer camps, they are often shackled to trees and left there.  Sometimes for years on end. The year 2017, the government of Ghana pledged to enforce a ban

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Accountability: the far-reaching impact of corruption

One in five people in Africa have paid bribes to access medical services or to obtain documentation. Widespread corruption creates a culture of impunity, meaning that officials consider themselves above the law. Without a culture of accountability, there can be no progress in human rights. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW A

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Ethiopia’s march to gender parity

Under recently elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia has reached several significant milestones in gender equality in politics. Half of Mr Abiy’s 20-person cabinet are women. In October Ethiopia’s parliament unanimously voted for Sahle-Work Zewede to replace Mulatu Teshome as President. Finally, Meaza Ashenafi was appointed as Ethiopia’s first female

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