Human Rights

The right to linguistic freedom

What is the right to linguistic freedom? Linguistic rights are the rights of both an individual and a collective to communicate in a language of their choosing. The 1996 Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights was a document created to elaborate the with specific linguistic focus. In the Girona Manifesto, a

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Why is accurate representation important?

In a world where mass media is consumed in large amounts everyday, the impact of representation is often overlooked. Representation is the portrayal of someone or something in a particular way. In this case, it is how the media projects various identities, social issues, and events to an audience. Representation

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Rwanda’s Abusive Detention of Children

What is the background to this detention? In 2017, Rwanda passed a law establishing the National Rehabilitation service. There have been several orders passed since Many transit centers in Rwanda, including the Gikondo transit center, are governed by this law.  Under this law, anyone exhibiting ‘deviant behaviours’ can be held

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