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Should I wear a face mask?

Face masks are one of the most debated topics surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Disagreements as to the role masks should play in fighting the pandemic has led to a lot of confusion among the general public. Why are masks important in the coronavirus pandemic? Coronavirus is spread in two ways:

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Myth: Injecting yourself with disinfectant can help to cure COVID-19

  You might have heard that injecting yourself with, inhaling or eating/drinking disinfectant or bleach can protect against, or help to cure, [wiki]COVID-19[/wiki]. This is not true. You might have heard that the US president, [wiki]Donald Trump[/wiki], suggested this as a potential treatment for the coronavirus. While it is true

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Where Can I Find Reliable Information?

Social media and communication apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp are useful for sharing news and information with friends and family. Communicating in this way with friends and family is particularly important during the [wiki]coronavirus pandemic[/wiki] we are currently experiencing, when many governments across the world have placed restrictions on

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