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Myth: Will Warm Temperatures stop COVID-19?

A myth that Covid-19 cannot live or be transmitted in hot or humid regions has been circulating on WhatsApp and other social media channels.  From the evidence collected so far, the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted in all areas regardless of climate. The best way to protect yourself against Covid-19

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Pregnancy and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

At the moment, many pregnant women may be frightened about the effect that coronavirus might have on them and their unborn babies.  Before Covid-19 (the new coronavirus), there were other types of coronavirus that caused serious lung infections in people. The two most famous ones are MERS and SARS, which

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Viruses and Vaccines

WHAT ARE VIRUSES? A virus is a very small particle that can infect humans, animals and plants and make them sick. They can cause many diseases, including chickenpox, flu and coronavirus! A virus cannot eat, breathe or move on its own. To survive, it must live inside the cells of

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