How Music Connects Us To Each Other

Every culture in the world has their own form of music. It is an ancient art form that has always existed alongside people. In fact, some scientists even think that it allowed our ancestors to communicate before the invention of language. So how does it continue to connect us to each other?


Humans were made for music

Humans have a special part in our brain dedicated to processing music. Our brains are specifically attuned to hear music over other environmental sounds, much like they’re attuned to speech. This suggests that music must have an important function in our lives


Music makes us  feel good

When we listen to and play music, our body releases dopamine and endorphins. These are “happy” hormones involved in regulating moods. Music literally makes us feel good. 


This is especially so when we make music together. Researchers found that performing music in a group was even better. Singing, drumming, and dancing all resulted in more ‘happy hormones’ in people’s brains. Therefore, performing music together makes us feel better than when we perform alone.


Music allows us to celebrate

We often hear music at celebrations. It is a way to express joy and have fun. This joy is often also expressed through dancing. Dancing to music allows people to show how they feel through movement. By celebrating together through music, people create lasting bonds. 


Music creates a group identity

Scientists think that when people listen to music together, something special happens in their brains. The scientists believe that listening to music in a group helps people to connect. This connection happens because the rhythm in the music helps people’s brains to synchronise. This helps them to coordinate their body movements . As a result, music can influence how we work in a group. 


For example, people who listened to rhythmic music together finish tasks more efficiently than people who listened to the other types of sound. This suggests that rhythm in music promotes behaviors that are linked to social cohesion, such as teamwork.


Music allows us to express ourselves

Not all music utilises words, but all music has the capacity to share how we feel. People who make music are able to use music to express themselves. However, it is not just people making music who benefit. People listening can often empathise with the music they listen to. That means that even through passive listening people can connect.


When a culture shares a particular type of music, this can create a sense of togetherness. This is because as emotions are shared and received, they become part of a collective experience.



The inclusive nature of music allows us all to take part, even through passive listening, in a communal form of art. Music connects us because it is universal. No matter where you are the world, taking part in a musical activity with others is sure to bring a smile to your face.



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