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Interview with Dr. Ucheoma Udoha, founder of CrispVision

Dr. Ucheoma Udoha is a Nigerian doctor. She is passionate about ending preventable blindness, by providing eyecare solutions to people in underserved communities. That’s why she launched CrispVision. Right for Education met Ucheoma at WISH, where she was nominated as a WISH Young Innovator 2018, and was presenting CrispVision’s new

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Test your vision with CrispVision’s Eye Test Kits

CrispVision is a Nigerian organisation that is passionately committed to ending preventable blindness. They aim to provide quality, affordable and accessible eye care solutions to people in underserved communities. CrispVision was founded by Dr. Ucheoma Udoha in 2014. You can read our interview with her here. They provide several services:

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Interview with Dr. Andrew Bastawrous, the co-founder and CEO of Peek Vision

Andrew Bastawrous is the cofounder and CEO of Peek Vision. He is an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), and Associate Professor in International Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. We spoke to him about his work, his inspiration, and the future of Peek Vision. Tell us about

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Using smartphones to identify people who need eye health care: Peek Vision

Did you know that 80% of blindness could be either cured or prevented? The first step in preventing blindness is diagnosing eye diseases. Until recently, trained heath care workers and expensive, fragile equipment, were needed. These were not available in many communities in Africa. However, almost everybody has access to

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Computer labs for the blind: the inspiring story of inABLE in Kenya

We want to share an inspiring story with you. inABLE was founded in 2006. Their initial aim was to provide safe spaces for children to read. In 2008, Irene Mbari-Kirika, the founder of inABLE was inspired by blind children in Thika, Kenya, and inABLE decided to focus on empowering blind

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Braille – a written language for the blind

Braille is probably the most famous tool for the blind and visually impaired. It is a written language that can be ‘read’ with your fingers instead of your eyes. Instead of letters, the characters are formed of tiny raised dots. The person reading the braille can run their fingertips along

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