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Artificial Intelligence and its Development in Africa

WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Artificial intelligence, or ‘AI’, is a field of computer science. AI systems can perform certain tasks by mimicking human intelligence. HOW DOES IT WORK? Ordinary computers run using special sets of instructions, called algorithms, which are written by people. An algorithm tells the computer exactly how

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How do Machines Learn?

Machine learning has been a growing area of technology for the last few decades. Now computer scientists are able to write code that allows computers to learn to play games, identify objects in images, and much more besides. WHAT IS AN ALGORITHM? An algorithm is a sequence of instructions. For

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Computer labs for the blind: the inspiring story of inABLE in Kenya

We want to share an inspiring story with you. inABLE was founded in 2006. Their initial aim was to provide safe spaces for children to read. In 2008, Irene Mbari-Kirika, the founder of inABLE was inspired by blind children in Thika, Kenya, and inABLE decided to focus on empowering blind

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