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Under the Influence: Big Alcohol in Africa

As demand for alcohol in the developed world slows, big alcohol companies are increasingly looking to Africa to make up the resulting losses. Whilst traditional African alcohol such as has generally been relatively weak (around 5-7%), the alcohols being introduced by Western countries such as cheap often carry much higher

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The Dangers Of Alcohol

The reports that there is a growing alcohol problem in Africa. Alcohol causes more harm than any other widely sold product. Alcohol can have a wide range of serious effects on everyday life. Knowing about these problems can help you avoid the bad effects of alcohol. IMMEDIATE EFFECTS Drinking alcohol

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Is Food and Drink the Key to Future Economic Growth in South Africa?

’s food and beverage market is the most refined and advanced in the African continent, ideally placed to see a great increase in investment opportunities for investors both inside and outside Africa. There are many reasons why there is an estimated 4% to 7% increase expected in the sector by

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