Science & Tech

Cybercrime in Africa: the solutions.

The world is experiencing a boom in cybercrime. The cost of these attacks to African economies was calculated at $3.5 billion in 2017. This number has certainly risen since then.  Digital technologies are extremely important in modern society. From the most high-tech servers to the phones in our pockets, we

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Virtual reality

What is virtual reality?

Imagine you are standing in an empty room. Someone comes in and hands you a headset and a handheld device, and you put the headset on. Suddenly, you see a forest stretching out around you. To your left you see a river, and to your right you see a forest

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How to benefit from social media

The use of social media has grown enormously in the last few years, increasing by 9% since last year. Social media can connect us to our friends and family as well as to the wider world. However, we must be aware of the potential dangers it can present and learn

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What can we learn from the night sky?

Humans have been looking at and learning about the night sky since the first days of ancient civilisation. Understanding the night sky allowed early humans to navigate across land and sea. It also allowed us to invent calendars and think beyond the experiences of the everyday. The scientific study of

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