Ayinla Omowura photo by @punchnewspaper

Ayinla: A Yoruba Music Legend

Introduction Forty-three years after his shocking murder, Ayinla Omowura remained among Yoruba’s most celebrated Apala musicians. Apala is an Islamic-influenced Yoruba music genre that uses the Yoruba language to educate and entertain listeners. Unlike most Apala musicians, Ayinla sang the Olalomi variant of Apala music.   Background As a son

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INTRODUCTION  The significance of music, sounds, and dance in South African culture played a significant role in society’s celebrations, communication, and the expression of identity. South African music incorporates dancing and musical elements that depict their feelings and way of life. This musical genre promotes African beliefs through many rituals

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Culture being displayed in a part of Africa

Why Africa does not need a demigod culture

For a long time, the general definition of culture as a people’s way of life has continually received universal acceptance. Culture has also been perceived based on its manifestation through eating habits, languages, communication styles, dress codes, rites of passage, beliefs, and other practices held dearly by different communities. Unlike

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water masquerade staff

The Water Masquerade staff and its significance to the people of Urhobos

Introduction: The Water Masquerade Staff is a sacred staff of the Urhobos, a tribe in the northwestern Niger Delta of Nigeria. The Urhobos are mainly fishermen who strongly believe in water spirits (Edjo). Description:  The Water Masquerade Staff is a three- to five-foot-long wooden staff in which a regal woman

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