The Great Medieval African Empire and its Values

The Mali Empire was a West African empire, which existed from 1235 to 1670. At its height, it covered parts of modern-day Sierra Leone, Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Ivory Coast.  It is most famous for its great wealth – the Emperor (1280-1337) is believed to

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Charlotte Maxeke – South Africa’s ‘Mother of Black Freedom 

Charlotte Maxeke (1874-1939) was a South African religious leader, social worker and political activist. She fought against the system in South Africa (a system of segregation and discrimination based on race) and for women’s rights, and is often honoured as South Africa’s ‘Mother of Black Freedom’. LIFE AND ACTIVISM: Charlotte

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The Ivory Pendant of the Iyoba Queen Mother

WHAT DO THE COLOUR WHITE AND IVORY HAVE IN COMMON? In the Edo culture, the colour white has a very important symbolic meaning. It is a colour associated with ritual purity (freedom from contamination) and is also associated with Olokun. Olokun is the name for the god of the sea,

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