Dreams: What, Why and How?

WHAT ARE DREAMS? Dreams are images or stories that our mind creates. They come from our subconscious (our mind when it is not actively thinking) whilst we sleep. Sleeping occurs in a cycle and in this cycle are different stages of sleep. We dream when we are at the end

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Why Creative Education Is Important

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CREATIVE AND ACADEMIC EDUCATION: Academic education involves the studying of certain subjects which are more analytical. For example, in Zambia the most common academic subjects studied are mathematics, environmental science and Zambian languages. Creative education is a way of teaching children to think independently and to use

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Accepting your Children’s Behaviour

Acceptance is key to feeling part of a society. It is also important in the relationship between a parent and child. In what ways can parental acceptance help children to develop and how can you follow this method? HOW DO WE DEFINE ACCEPTANCE? Acceptance is different from agreement. Agreement means

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