Exercise and Why it is so Good for You

Most people exercise regularly for the many health benefits it leads to. Recently, exercise has become an important subject in the media as more and more people become aware of the positive impacts it has. In this article I will talk about these benefits and how to exercise regularly.


Exercise is movement that keeps our bodies fit and can take many different forms. The simplest and most common form is walking, which requires no equipment. Many team sports such as football are also popular ways to take part in exercise.


Exercise builds our muscles and bones and helps to keep them in a good condition. As you age, muscle loss occurs and in order to reduce this exercise is essential. It can increase energy levels, and daily exercise is also recommended in order to reduce chronic pain by raising pain tolerance (the level of pain you feel).


Brain health and memory are fundamental to our wellbeing and happiness. Physical exercise increases your heart rate. This means more blood (which carries oxygen) can reach your brain. This improves the brain’s ability to think whilst also reducing changes in your brain, which occur with age. Some of these changes in the brain result in Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia, and so exercise lowers the risk of these diseases.

Sleep quality is also improved, and therefore energy levels are increased during the day. Exercising more may help you to achieve a regular sleep cycle, which is important for wellbeing.


Walking from place to place is an easy way to improve fitness levels. Running is an equally easy and accessible form of exercise and is not time consuming. Football is more sociable and can involve competition, which can make the experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

Exercising daily is a fairly simple and easy goal to reach, and can help improve your productivity. In order to stay physically healthy it is important to be outside and do a minimum of half an hour’s exercise a day. This should be enjoyable in itself, and you’ll also begin to notice other benefits, such as improved wellbeing.



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