Gender Equality: It’s Not Just A Women’s Issue

Gender equality is good for everyone. It is not just a women’s issue, because women are not the only people who have a ‘gender’. ‘Gender’ is a label people use to describe themselves. Gender is associated with traits, behaviors, and appearances that are often associated with your sex. Male and female are two gender categories. Today, there are many more gender categories than just male and female that people identify with. For example, transgender or gender non-conforming are two other gender categories. Transgender is a category that describes people whose gender is different than their assigned sex at birth. Gender non-conforming is an identity used when someone does not act like any specific gender category all the time. Gender equality is therefore an issue that should be important for everyone because gender impacts us all. 

 Why is it important?

Research shows that gender equality it beneficial for everyone in many ways. In most studies, the countries that are the most gender equal also score the highest on the happiness scale. Additionally, having a more gender equal workspace makes it easier to recruit new qualified employees, makes employees happier, and less likely to quit. All of these factors together end up saving company’s money.

How does it Impact Family Life? 

Gender equality is also important for families. In personal relationships, research shows that the more equal men and women are, the happier they are in their relationship. A man sharing the housework and childcare is one way to make homes more gender equal. Research also shows that when men do share household responsibilities with their wives, their children to better in school, and are healthier and happier overall. When men share housework, their wives are also healthier and happier. Finally, when men share housework, men are healthier and happier. They are less likely to drink and smoke, and more likely to see a doctor proactively. A gender equal home is beneficial for all members of a family.


In summary, gender equality is good for everyone. It is good for countries, companies, families, and individuals. Therefore, we should all learn about ways in which we as individuals can make the world more gender equal. This can start with making changes in your life. Make sure you respect everyone equally, regardless of their gender.

Meghan O'Neil


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