Equal marriage and equal choice


Everyone has the right to marry and to found a family. Marriage is a very special bond between two people. Marriage unites a man and a woman who then spend their lives together. They share their sorrows and their happiness. A husband and wife are close to each other physically and emotionally. They they are like a team. One cannot function without the other.

Just like food and water are equally important to live, a husband and wife are equally important for a healthy marriage. Nobody is superior to the other. There must always be equality in a marriage.

Communication is a very important tool for a healthy marriage and husband and wife must talk to each other and discuss their life together. This means that a husband and wife take decisions together. Nobody should be presumed to be doing something just because of their gender. Gender does not make someone superior to the other.


Marriage is a relationship that is based on trust and respect. When you trust someone, you know that they will not hurt you. Respect means treating a person well. It is best not to treat anyone the way you don’t want to be treated yourself. This is the basis of true love. If you love someone you will respect their wishes and desires.

Desires must also be respected when it comes to sex. Just because two people are married does not mean that the wife will always want to have sex with her husband. Choice is a very important right of a person. It means that I can do what I want to do without any pressure. Choice is also important when it comes to sex. Everyone has a freedom to choose and a woman can choose to say no to sex.

Husband and wife must agree to have sex. This must be a clear agreement. If a woman does not say anything it does not mean that she is saying yes. A yes means a yes and a no means a no. A husband must not pressure his wife for sex. Giving sex is not the duty of the wife. Sex without consent leads to a lot of emotional unrest for a woman. How would it feel like living with a person who does not value you? A woman is not the property of her husband. She is an equal partner and her choice matters.

Marriages might be arranged by family or a man and woman might fall in love and decide to marry. Just because a marriage is arranged would not mean that sex is also consented to. Also just because people themselves decide to marry does not mean they will always consent to sex.

When there is true love there will be physical love. People say that a man who asserts himself physically on his wife is more masculine. This is not true. A true man will respect the wishes of his wife. He will love her and support her. Just like a team does not work well if one player is bossy, a marriage does not work well if the husband is bossy. When there is consent in a relationship both husband and wife will be happy and they will make a happy family.

Marwin Ramos



  1. Michael Klutse 3 years ago November 26, 2017

    Please women and men should be MATURE enough before engage into marriage. That’s the most important thing. Maturity count when we come to marriage. Look for your parents advice it would be great for you in the future. In any relationship, all you need is Understanding…

  2. How To Stop A Divorce By Yourself 3 years ago January 1, 2018

    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

  3. Maureen 3 years ago June 4, 2018

    Keep this going please, great job!


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