Dengue Fever

DENGUE FEVER Dengue infection is a rising problem in Africa. The infection is extremely painful, and can lead to an even worse fever that can kill you. People living in towns and cities are most at risk. Follow the steps below to protect yourself from this illness. WHO IS AT

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Child abuse and its consequences

CHILD ABUSE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES Child abuse is one of the biggest problems in the world. Child abuse can take place in various forms. It may be in the form of physical abuse. In physical abuse a child is severely beaten up. In sexual abuse the child is molested or

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Equal marriage and equal choice

EQUAL MARRIAGE EQUAL CHOICE Everyone has the right to marry and to found a family. Marriage is a very special bond between two people. Marriage unites a man and a woman who then spend their lives together. They share their sorrows and their happiness. A husband and wife are close

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