Why your vote is so important to your Country: Now and in the future

A democracy is a type of government which is formed by the people. It is from and for the people. To ensure that the interests of the people are part of the government’s agenda, the people have to participate in the decision-making. This is by casting their vote in regular elections.

Every adult is eligible to vote. Voting is a method of collective decision making that ensures good governance which happens when public institutions meet the needs of the masses and not of select groups. Voting gives power to the people to elect their representatives who then form the government and decide policies that apply to all. Therefore, it is important to vote for the right person.

  1. Voting empowers citizens. It is through voting that citizens can engage with the government and put forth their interests. It gives a common person the power of responsibility for the government and the country.
  2. Accountability – In a democracy, the government is accountable to the people. People vote for the government. People can change in the government in elections, if the government fails to perform according to their wishes. There is no scope for an oppressive government.
  3. It increases public participation – Voting is a form of expression that can be exercised by everyone. All people are free to express their views. No view is considered good or bad. The view accepted by the majority of the people is adopted. There is power in numbers and therefore, it is important for more people to vote.
  4. Promoting rights of people A democratic government believes in ensuring liberty and equality. People have the power to vote for changes in society. People can collectively raise their voice against social evils and change social norms. Decisions are made by the views of those who will be affected by them. A democratic government is accountable to all; minorities and majorities alike.
  5. Better decisions – Many representatives strive to form the government. There is healthy competition among the representatives. They try to plan better decisions so that they come to power. They will try to catch the attention of voters by policies that help alleviate the problems in society.


Some argue that democracy might not be efficient due to corruption in politics and manipulation of voters. But this can be changed if people realize their power in a democracy. There is immense power in the ballot box, if people educate themselves.

Informed voting can bring about unparalleled social change. Informed voting takes place when people vote according to the candidate’s ability and not according to the views of others. Men and women in the same family can vote for different people depending on whose ideas they prefer.

Informed voting ensures that every individual is pro-active. People must question the politicians, educate themselves properly and understand what plans the candidate has for advancing the society. A democracy is what people make of it. If people are active and involved they will elect a good government. A good government will then ensure better decisions and progress in society.



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  1. musa jobarteh 6 years ago January 12, 2017

    I read amazing comments about democracy which included the right to vote for a person of your choice. I have learned a lot in terms of governance , accountability as well as development. It gives me an insight as to how a leader is expected to do in running a government and know that he/she is accountable to the people.


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