The Value of Teamwork for You and the Community


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Whenever we have a journey to make there are usually two options. We can either go it alone, or alongside others. This African saying teaches us the benefits of working with our fellow human beings to achieve more.
It may be true that we go faster if we go alone. When we are by ourselves we do not have to cooperate with others. There is no one else with whom we have to come to an agreement. There is no one to argue with about the direction we should take our journey.
But we are far more likely to go further, if we go together. Without a companion to support us along our journey, there is no support to stop us from giving up when the going gets tough. Try running a marathon without anyone to cheer you on along the way!

When we work as part of a team, we achieve more. This may be because we can have discussions and choose the right thing to do. Our companions can often guide us to take the right direction, so that we do not reach a dead end.


Let’s take the building of a house as an example. If one person focuses on collecting the bricks, while another puts them on top of each other, the job will be done in half the time that it would have taken to build the house alone. Moreover, if a third person stands back and watches over the building of the house, they can tell the other two if they are building it in the wrong shape, or if they could be using a better method. The house built by three people will be far better than that built by the individual.


It is also better to go together than to go alone because our journey will be a lot more interesting and rewarding if we make it with other people. In the journey of life it can be a destination, an end, an objective in itself to have other people to share that journey with. Sometimes the way we took is more important than destination in itself. Working alongside people we love and respect can be the key to happiness.

This example of African wisdom reminds us that the biggest problems in this world can only be solved by a collective, rather than an individual. Teamwork is a beautiful thing. It is inspiring to see others striving for a common goal, whether that be building a school or a well, or harvesting our crops. Together everyone achieves more.



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