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A History of the West African Songhai Empire

The Songhai empire is the last in this trilogy of great West African kingdoms that were among the most prosperous, educated, and cultured civilisations in the world at the time. In fact, it is worth highlighting that the Songhai Empire derives its origins from the kingdoms of Ghana and Mali

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A History of the Forest Kingdom of Benin

With artwork to rival that of renaissance Italy, structures comparable to the Great Wall of China, and a ruthlessly disciplined army, the Forest Kingdom is one of the highlights in Africa’s great history. It derives its name from the lush rainforests in which the Edo people first settled in the

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The Legacy of King Mansa Musa

> Have you ever wondered who is the richest man ever to have lived? Or, where he might have come from? The answer lies not too far away from where you are today. Yes, King Mansa Musa, whom historians believe to have possessed a fortune of roughly $400 billion, was

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