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The African Union Passport

WHAT IS THE AFRICAN UNION PASSPORT? The African Union declared the intention of releasing a passport that would be available to all African citizens at its 27th summit in 2016. This passport would allow free movement of people throughout Africa, meaning that there would be no need to apply for

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The African Union is Building a Real-Life Wakanda

THE AFRICAN UNION IS BUILDING A REAL-LIFE WAKANDA The has announced a monumental, multi-billion dollar initiative: to create a real-life . Zimbabwe and Zambia have offered 2,000 and 132 hectares of land respectively around the Victoria Falls area to the AU for the first South African Development Community (SADC) project,

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Can Bitcoin Help African Individuals and Businesses?

Currently, 350 million people in do not have a bank account. As a monetary technology which has the potential to improve businesses and commerce,  can provide solutions to this. Bitcoin can remedy issues for individuals, and help connect them with businesses. WHAT IS BITCOIN? Bitcoin is often described as a

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