Human Rights

The Banjul Charter

Human rights can be difficult to understand. They are defined as what is believed to belong to every person. Examples are the right to life, freedom from slavery, and the right to be treated equally before the law. While many people believe it is important that everyone has human rights,

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Media Freedom

Media Freedom in Ghana

What is Media Freedom ? Media freedom is the ability for journalists to freely report on matters of public interest. Media freedom is linked to the human right of freedom of expression and to the right to access information. Being able to freely report news is an indicator of democracy

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Munira Anyonge (Kenyan Programme Director for TNC)

R:Ed In Conversation with Kenya Programme Director, for the TNC, Munira Anyonge

Munira Anyonge is the Kenya Programme Director for the Nature Conservancy (TNC). She works to protect the environment in economically viable and sustainable ways, ensuring that local communities and wildlife co-exist harmoniously, while preserving cultural values. R:Ed: Could you tell me about wildlife conservation and management in Kenya? In Kenya,

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Media Law Reform in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been moving closer towards changing media laws as part of wider structural reform in country. How are Laws Changed? A bill (proposed legislation under consideration) does not come into law until it is passed. Three bills are set to replace the existing Access to Information and Protection of

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