Women’s Empowerment in Rwanda

Rwanda is a leading light in the journey towards women’s empowerment. The country has the highest proportion of women in parliament globally and has high levels of female education and employment. However, there are still areas where progress needs to be made.   The History   The journey towards women’s

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How can you tell left from right in politics?

  Politics can be confusing sometimes. There are so many politicians and policies that it is hard to keep track. To make things easier, people and ideas are often described as ‘left-wing’ or ‘right-wing’. There are no actual wings in politics, so what do these terms mean?    In general,

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Where do governments get power from?

Governments have the power to affect our lives in many ways. They determine what we are legally allowed to do, they decide how to enforce the law, and they choose how much money to spend on schools, hospitals, and other public services. But where do they get this power from?

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