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WHAT IS ESG? “ESG” (environmental, social, governance) refers to the three main factors that determine the sustainability and social impact of an investment. (An investment is giving money to a business in the hope of making a profit.) ESG investments seek to make a positive, long-term impact on society and

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Tap Water

What is water scarcity?

Water scarcity is when there is a lack of fresh water to meet the water demands of populations. This can lead to ‘water stress’, which is when economic, social, and environmental problems are caused by a lack of water.   What causes water scarcity?   A lack of water supply

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Electric Vehicles

The current transport situation   All of the travel disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have given us time to think about global transport. At the moment, sub-Saharan Africa’s transport is almost entirely fuel-based. This is becoming more expensive for citizens, as fuel prices continue to rise. Furthermore, pollution from fuel-based

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