Special Educational Needs: What are they about?

DR ESSI D’ALMEIDA   Special Educational Needs or SEN for short refers to a person who is considered disabled because they have an impairment which has an effect on their normal day to day activities. An impairment means the state of being damaged, weakened or diminished. An impairment can be

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How to Structure a Good Lesson

A teacher is the example of what learning stands for. If you have been a teacher for many years, you have certainly gathered a wealth of experience during your career. If you are a newly qualified teacher, it is because of your knowledge that you graduated to become a teacher.

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How to Take Notes in Class

  When you are in the classroom and the teacher is talking, it may seem that there is too much to take in. You will feel that you have to copy down everything the teacher says. Sometimes, it is hard to decide what is important and what is not from

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