How to Take Notes in Class

When you are in the classroom and the teacher is talking, it may seem that there is too much to take in. You will feel that you have to copy down everything the teacher says. Sometimes, it is hard to decide what is important and what is not from what the teacher says. It is also hard to listen and write things down at the same time. It is absolutely hard to remember everything you learnt in a lesson. So, taking notes can be useful.

Taking notes is an important activity because it can help us remember things we see or hear. Taking notes in class can help us improve our concentration. It can help us organise and remember what we are learning. We can use our notes later to revise for exams.
General tips for taking notes

Before taking notes, decide on what is relevant and important from what you are learning. Taking notes can be done in picture form so you can also draw what you see or hear.

  • Use a pen or a pencil. Use a coloured pen to underline key words.
  • Keep your notes short and organised.
  • Use your own symbols, numbers to help you take notes quickly.
  • Try to use your own words.
  • Write down relevant facts. Facts are statements that are true.
  • Leave space next to your notes to add important key words later.
  • Use a mind map; this is a diagram with lines leading to words.
  • It doesn’t matter if your notes are untidy.

You don’t need to write down everything that the teacher says. You don’t need to write notes word for word either. At the end of every lesson, check that you can read and understand your notes. Practise this a few times and adopt what works best for you. Remember that there is no right way or wrong way about taking notes.

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