A hobby refers to something that is done as a pastime activity. Hobbies usually bring us pleasure, entertainment, relaxation, and amusement. People have a variety of hobbies. These hobbies range from dancing, gardening, watching movies, or playing sports. Despite the various hobbies in existence, reading ranks at a low percentage of favourite pastime activities This is due to a number of factors.  For instance, reading is usually seen as an arduous task to pass exams, tests and score good grades; also, hobby is not encouraged on a wide scale basis in most homes and institutions of learning.

The Importance of Reading as a Hobby
Reading as a pastime activity has very many benefits. It is a very underrated therapeutic activity whose rewards are not fully acknowledged. Reading is a source of knowledge. People who read as a hobby are smarter and have knowledge of a wide range of topics. This is a crucial tool for establishing social networks, making smart decisions at the workplace, and even learning institutions. Also, reading is a relaxing way to pass the time while gaining exposure to art, culture, and ways beyond one’s confinement.

How to Adopt Reading as a Hobby

With the therapeutic benefits of the art of reading, it is important that this practice is encouraged in children and adults to promote healthy well-being. This art can be encouraged on a wide scale through the following ways;

Teaching children from a young age how to appreciate the art of written Literature. This is through availing children’s books, most of these books come with pictures that simplify reading for children. 

Also, parents should shelve books for children in their homes besides school textbooks. Parents should teach their children that reading is not just a tedious activity to pass exams but can also be a pastime activity. After all, habits in children are usually born at home. 

Finally, authors and fundraisers should support local libraries in their communities by availing samples of their work at affordable prices or free copies to help everyone access their material. This helps people appreciate stories that are told by their local talent. 


In a nutshell, the art of reading as a hobby is a habit inculcated in individuals early in their lives. Even though schools play a bigger role in teaching children how to read, this practice is usually inculcated when parents do a grassroots role of teaching their children how to adopt reading as a hobby. Also, reading should be encouraged in both adults and children to promote health and well-being in both humans.


Martha Uwera


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