In many cases, prominent personalities, organisations, and scholars have diagnosed divorce in depth but have not come out with clear reasons, effects, and solutions. Blame games have constantly played all around to find answers to unanswered questions. Till now, the fight against divorce has become a significant disaster.



Courts have always given 10%-15% attention to families that continue to fight bitterly. They are caught between providing the rights to parents and trying to protect the child’s rights, leaning more on the parents’ rights as the latter always speak in the name of their children. This gives prominence to the court for contributing to the continued suffering of children in times of divorce. 

The institution gives no guidance to the parents but instead lectures them at a critical breakup time to prevent further legal cases that might arise. It seems like they are just trying to avoid more issues from appearing in court than advising on how to improve parenting, a more significant lead to the causes of divorce.

Professionals like teachers, engineers or even doctors are neither taught parenting nor understand how to help children and parents co-exist after divorce.                                 

This negligence has increased street children and psychological admittance to children’s hospitals for treatment. 

Society believes that children can cope once parents are stable after the marriage breakup; this myth needs to be worked upon if everyone is to reduce divorce rates.

In the contemporary society where we live, organisations and companies are accused of being contributors to marriage wreckage. 

Many employers understand the essence of family bonding but pay less attention to it and give more work schedules to employees, with minimal breaks for them to have ample time with their families. 

Employers should treat the family bonding of their employees as a priority to achieve the required goal of reducing divorce.

So far, children from divorced families have resorted to staying in abusive relationships to avoid divorce or not to repeat mistakes their parents made. It has led to the loss of many lives.


However, we can combat divorce if we raise our socks high as a community by;


  • There is a need to create family reformatory miniseries and domestic violence centres to help families cope with high conflict centres for relief of stress after divorce. 
  • We should also understand that 80% of divorce occurs in the first nine years. Hence employers should give workers enough leave periods to spend time with their families, as they try to balance work and family. 
  • Religious denominations should occasionally teach couples about marriage rather than wait till it’s on the verge of a breakup.
  • Marriage should also be taught in professional courses and mid-adolescence when the boys and girls are just beginning to bond. During this stage, they are worried about how to conduct their lives, sex, love issues, and betrayal that may arise, and it’s a time when character traits and one’s morality is taking the lead in their lives. 


In Conclusion, marriage should be given full attention at health centres, community organisations, colleges, and worship places. Also, one can ask adolescents interjecting questions like, “what qualities do you look for in a person to become your friend? And most times, it is answered in a girl-boyfriend relationship; this is where you can elaborate more on other things like resolving conflict, relationship or culture if the adolescent is interested. 


Mercy Patricia Aber


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