Why birth control has the potential to end poverty

Birth control can lift communities out of poverty because it means that families can decide when to have children. Having a child should always be a conscious decision. If all families had children only when they can provide enough food, a reasonable medical care and schooling for them, children would be growing up healthier and happier.


If parents were to use contraception to make sure they only have the children they can provide for, there would be fewer kids. This is good for several reasons. Firstly, there would be more food for each kid to have, which would mean they are growing up stronger, healthier and smarter. As there would be more food, fewer people would be dying from hunger. People who are eating enough are healthier, have more energy and are less vulnerable to diseases. Thus, having fewer children would improve the overall health of the community. Healthier people can do more work and earn more money. They also live longer and happier lives.


Currently, some kids do not go to school. This is the case because their families do not have enough money to pay for education or because there are not enough places at schools. If families were to use birth control to make sure they only have kids when they can afford to send them to school there would be fewer kids who need a place at school. This way every kid could have access to education.


Kids who go to school have more potential to do well in life. At school, they learn to read, write, do maths and many other things which are required to get a job. The longer they spend at school the more they will learn so they will be able to get a better-paid job.

If parents were to use birth control to have kids only when they can send them to school, more kids would have better jobs. This would mean that they earn more money to pay for food, taking care of the parents when they get old, and giving an education to the kids of their own. In other words, more educated kids, who have more potential in life, would be bringing money into their communities, benefiting everyone.

This is a simple cycle of birth control lifting communities out of poverty. If all parents were to use contraception to only have kids when they can provide them with the necessary food and education, they would grow up healthier, smarter and more able to earn the money they need to end poverty.




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