Alcoholic consumption is one of the current and next-generation dangers to our domestic and professional conduct in the community – killing most of the prudent life skills and professional conduct which we are born with or even organically developed.

In Uganda, these cases are evident in the outskirts of Kampala and most urban centres around the country. Away from that, alcoholism has caused a lot of professional misconduct in the workplace which has resulted in several job losses. It has led to many cases of school dropouts, unwanted pregnancies and poor health conditions, and violations of human rights breaking laws. There is a relationship between the casual and harmful use of alcohol and behavioural disorder, poverty, incommunicable injuries, mental disorder between the ages of 20-30 years, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The World Health Organization report on alcohol on the 21st of September 2018 says that unhealthy alcohol consumption accounts for over 3 million deaths a year. Drinking is good for those who love it and it is a limitless kind of behaviour among alcoholic consumers, however, drinking recklessly can be of harm to you as a person and the public at large. 

Tips on how you can drink smart and wisely

Assess your alcohol intake – this can be done by tracking your drinking for a week in the notebook, go on to note down where you drank from, how you drank and the negative effects which arose after the drinking like fighting, quarrelling and take note of a positive mindset towards change

Calculate your safe limits – this can be done by noting down the rate you take alcohol and the rate you get drunk and how much you drink

Establish your drinking goal – this is one of the main steps one can take to control his or her drinking habits, alcohol sends us to the heavens, so before we get to heaven, we should thump the hell out of us and determine what kind of alcohol would be good for the body.

Purchase small amounts while at the bar and drink the rest from home – this can limit your alcohol intake. Taking a small amount of alcohol home at the bar with friends can’t do you bad, get on the wheels, purchase your beer and take it with you home, secure your respect and life. 

Plan your journey home – Making a plan is an important daily aspect of every life activity, this can also be applied by an alcoholic, make your plan when you are still sober, the plan should be able to rescue you from recklessness during alcoholic consumption, for example, you can move with a proper friend of sound mind. Or even purchasing small amounts while at the bar and drinking the rest from home.

Pace yourself – Make yourself a priority before putting alcohol in the first place.

Avoid peer pressure and influence with the wrong advice of drinking too much- This is very hard however, if you need a change in your life, be the change yourself, friends may be hard to part with however, a bad peer will kill you in the shadows of happiness.


People take alcohol to socialize, celebrate, party and relax. We may have different stated and unstated reasons. However, we should always remember that the world has since time immemorial failed to have a strong remedy for alcohol-societal challenges and disorders, often alcohol is a strong beverage, and thus we tend to act differently from normal. We fail to measure the quantity of our consumption and forget the result of taking alcohol. Remember, the negative outcomes may be slow to show up but life is persistent, so there is a need to be cautious. 

Derick Nandabi


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