Creating Activities For Creativity And Innovation In Africa.

What Is Creativity And Innovation?

Creativity as defined by an online dictionary says : the state or quality of being creative ; the ability to exceed traditional ideas, rules and patterns. It involves creating meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations. To create activities for creativity and innovation simply means to set up avenues that will lead to the discovery of creative minds that have not been brought to light. This search should be wide so as to balance every aspect of life ranging from science, art, business, agriculture, etc.

Outcomes Of Creativity And Innovation

The development of a Nation lies on the hand of those who love creative change in their environments. Studies have shown that the economic power of any nation is not measured by the natural resources possessed but the level at which development occurs. Germany, U.S.A, Japan, just  to mention a few are great examples in this aspect. Computers, automobiles, telephones and so on can’t be made mention of without bringing to mind creativity and innovation. This is the main reason why some countries will continue to be identified as developing countries till they wake up and start developing minds by creating activities lest they remain consuming nations.

Encouraging Creativity And Innovation

Many developed countries started discovering their creative minds at an early age. This is popularly known as “Catch them young”. The big question is: who will be responsible for this task? All these burdens can not be laid upon the shoulders of the government alone. Private organizations and NGO(s) have a great role to play here. It can be seen from the viewpoint of their way of giving back to the societies and also a medium and opportunity to attract investors to partner with them. Banks, telecommunication companies, producing companies and various organizations can partner with creative minds.

A room for competition towards creativity and innovation in communities can only be achieved when societies rise and adopt processes of solving societal problems. It’s mostly through competitions that the best is known. Most organizations have kicked up in this aspect of organizing competitions such as painting, poetry, debate, mathematics, dancing, singing and the likes of others and the winners are awarded with prizes. When a child does something worthwhile and he/she is appreciated, he/she would want to do more and even improve and we all know the popular saying “Practice makes perfect”.

What can be done?

This is a wakeup call for the various governments in Africa, NGO(s) and other private bodies in Africa and Africans in general to create activities that will encourage creativity and innovation in Africa. This avenue will majorly bring an end to youths roaming the streets and engaging themselves in dangerous activities like arm robbery, prostitution, scamming etc. which in return have some negative effects not only on lives but also tend to soil the good name of Africa.



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